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(Gaming Video) Warframe at 8192x4320 (8K+) Resolution on GeForce RTX 3090.

So, how does the "8K capable" card handle Warframe (one of my favourite games) at 8K? Well, actually slightly more than 8K standard (7680x4320) since it's that slightly wider resolution of 8192x4320, you could even go so far as to say that's "true" 8K, since it has 8000+ pixels, but resolution semantics aside, here is how NVIDIA's flagship GA102 graphics processor in its almost fully enabled form (minus 2SM) handles the popular MMO ninja hack and slash at this insane resolution in essentially maximum settings, with the Enhanced Engine (minus TAA, or any AA, do I look like I need AA at 8K on a 40" 4K TV? (DSR?) NO!)

Surprisingly playable, actually. Now I just need a 65" 8K native OLED TV...

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