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(Gaming Videos) Sash's RTX 3050 (OC and UV) gaming video roundup (upd. 23/03/2022)

This post might be updated with new videos at any time.


Here is a post with some links to the various gaming videos I uploaded to YouTube (since I no longer upload publicly), featuring the RTX 3050 both overclocked and undervolted. I have two profiles for this GPU and its clock speed / voltage; one is a flat OC (no curve edit) of +180 on the core and +1000 on the memory. This results in ~2107 MHz core and 16 Gbps memory, this is my 'max performance' preset and it improves FPS in many games by just under 10% from stock (1900 MHz boost) which is quite nice, putting this card around ~RTX 2060 stock performance, or around GTX 1070 Ti in non ray-traced games.

The other setting is a modified curve at around 1785 MHz and 800mV; this actually keeps the GPU under 75W (mostly around 65W) which would be sufficient to allow this GPU to operate with no external power connectors, entirely off the PCI-E slot (up to 75W 'rated'). This is my 'low power' preset.

All games are at 1080p max unless otherwise stated. If DLSS or Ray Tracing is available, they will be enabled. See the video for exact details. Unless otherwise stated, all of these videos are with the following settings:

  • NVidia Driver "Studio" 511.65

  • Windows 11 Pro

  • Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling Enabled

  • Resizable BAR Enabled

With the following system:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT @ stock (Noctua D15S single fan)

  • 4x16GB DDR4-3200 16-18-18-36 (Dual Rank, 2 DIMM Per Channel) OR 4x8GB DDR4-3666 14-16-16-31 (See OSD/description in each video for details)

  • Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro

  • Game on Corsair Force MP600 @ Gen4 4X

  • GPU at Gen4 8X

RTX 3050 Overclocked (~2.1 GHz, 16 Gbps memory)


Destiny 2

(^ OSD Disabled due to game compatibility, FPS in top right, it was GPU bound).

Doom Eternal

Total War: Warhammer 3

Far Cry 6

Dying Light 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2


Fallout 76 (Briefly)

(^ not a long video, but still kinda representative, OSD in top left)

RTX 3050 Low Power Undervolted (~1.78 GHz, 14 Gbps memory)


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