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(Gaming Videos) Warframe - Heart of Deimos gameplay!

So I am making a post to let you know I've made a ton of videos on gameplay in Warframe's new open world zone the Heart of Deimos. Which is like a huge squishy infested planet with lots of new stuff. My YouTube channel is here.

The new world is beautiful. Warframe's art & graphic / level design team never disappoint, and this is no exception. The new area runs reasonably well, if I am playing Solo or not in action, I am fully GPU bound around 80 FPS or so, with an overclocked GTX 1660 Super. In action, I am CPU bound with my Ryzen 5 2600X, even at 4.25 GHz all core, at 45 FPS minimums and around mid-50s or 60s; which is by no means unplayable.

The Necramechs are my favourite thing in this new update though. It's incredibly satisfying to go round kicking ass in this pretty original-looking Zombie/skeleton Mecha thing. From what I can see, these were used by the Orokin warriors to fight the Sentient/Infestation during the Old War, to do with being immune to the Sentients' weapons by using Void Energy. Either way, they are extremely cool and fun to play; I can't wait to unlock more stuff.

Here is a video of me doing a Bounty (no major spoilers) and talking like a Retard doing it:

I also have a video of me exploring and doing some fishing, and then messing around in a Necramech (30 minutes in):

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