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Human degenerate scum.

I'm laying here in bed. Typing on this convertible tablet, in tablet mode. I am thinking of all the negative things going through my mind. There are many. Let's begin.

You may have noticed the title. I wonder if Windows 11 will stop placing the cursor BEFORE the word it replaces automatically? I also wonder if my anxiety that "someone will read my blog" and see all this shit will persist long enough to prevent my wrists from aching because touch typing on a tablet while laying down is tedious.

Hmm. Nevermind. They will have to read my raw thoughts too. Perhaps i will be more concise. Or not, because I just flipped this potato around into laptop mode and placed it upon my legs.

I have a strong dislike for people. I can list many reasons why, it's not a new thing, and I feel it is only getting progressively worse over time. Let's see...

Look at the world. Need I say any more?

Friends? No, I don't have friends, just people that are "close" to me, but I refuse to call them friends. I feel isolated, but I am more comfortable this way. Humans are unpredictable, illogical and in many cases outright spiteful. They are broken, they have broken me, and I want no more of it.

A life without people would be lonesome, yes, but it would also be stable, predictable. It would be safe. I would be safe. From the chaotic noise of human nature and the unfortunate fact that my brain has an affinity for emotionally reacting to it.

Fuck people.

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