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Humanity and God.

If God watches humanity, and places upon them restrictions such as freedom of sexuality, gender expression and freedoms, if that is what God represents, then I reject God.
It is my belief that God doesn't enforce arbitrary restrictions upon humanity. It is my belief that major religions of the world are tools created by mere men to enforce control over people.
It is my belief that God resides in each and every one of us, and guides us by giving us the concept of morality that is truly exclusive to humanity. It may have evolved from behaviour learned by natural selection, but it is unique.
But if those followings and their teachings hold true, then God deserves no place in humanity's future. Our future is our own, as we shape it, and we will shape it.
With, or without God's blessing.

With or without God, I commit against:

  • Ignorance

  • Hatred

  • Comforting Lies

  • Greed

  • Lust

  • Tribalism

  • Power

I will not willingly display ignorance. I will strive to learn and understand;

I will reject hatred as much as I can. I will acknowledge it when it rears its head;

I will never believe a comforting lie when the truth is there to behold, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel;

I will try to never succumb to greed or materialism;

I will resist the urges of lust, in any of its forms;

I will acknowledge my tribal ancestry as a human being and strive to overcome it;

I will never seek power over others for my own personal gain.

With or without God, I commit to hold true my core beliefs, including those of the rule of law and human rights, freedoms and equality. I will fight for my core beliefs until my dying breath, because I will never submit to oppression, in any of its forms, including those stated to be enacted by God.

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