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Low Quality Videos

Since I am now using my 1920x1080 monitor and I want to create videos in this resolution, well, YouTube really sucks. What's the point in having 1080p resolution support if the video looks like 360p upscaled? Sorry, I can't tell which PIXEL SMUDGE is my character in the video.

A lovely water-colour! Oh, wait, it's supposed to be video.

It was fine at 4K, as YouTube isn't that stingy with bandwidth at 4K, oh, and why is YouTube still using H.264 for Video Compression?

Technology needs to move on and people still without hardware HEVC compliant devices should bloody well upgrade. Ugh.

Here's my latest video if you want to watch it. I can't even see the damage numbers on some frames the compression is that atrociously shite.

So, I'm sorry but I really can't afford £850 / year for an unlimited Vimeo Subscription with unlimited bandwidth so this will have to do. I guess it will be OK, since I will keep my OSD large enough for you to see the Frame Rate counter and hardware statistics.

YouTube why.

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