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Metro Exodus: Two Colonels DLC Playthrough with Ray Tracing, Part 1

So I started playing the new DLC for Metro Exodus, "Two Colonels", and I am so far, absolutely thrilled. It has been so long since a game like Metro Exodus has gripped me, and had me so excited to find out what happens next. My only complaint, is that it has to end at some point. :(

Anyway, here is Part 1 of my playthrough with the new DLC. In these videos I went crazy and slapped the game to the maximum possible graphical settings, but with DLSS (so no increased shading rate, unfortunately). That is, Extreme quality for the game, Ultra RTX, and all the other features (except aforementioned Shading Rate) turned on. The performance has almost always been sub-60, but still playable.

But it does look absolutely stunningly good. So bitch all you want (you know who you are!) about spending 400 pounds on a graphics card to play at sub-60 and not even 4K, but I don't care. This is the best looking, most realistic and breathtakingly beautiful piece of art of a video game I've ever played.

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