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My nan is dying and my piece of shit aunt is abroad on holiday because she really cares.

Vent post. Shitstine if you're reading this, go fuck yourself. I probably won't get to see my grandmother again before she dies because my narcissistic, toxic aunt turned her against me. This aunt is a liar and a two-faced bitch with a severe personality disorder that she refuses to acknowledge.

All the evidence of how she abused me; starting this entire thing is documented and available here on my website. Just search for "narcissistic aunt" on my blog, because I CBA to put a link in on the mobile app.

The main reason why the entire degenerate family sucks up to her is because they're afraid of her tantrums. I was the only one to stand up to her and look where we are.

And so my grandmother hates me because of the deceit and pot-stirring scumbag shitstine. And she will die believing that I am to blame for this.

Fortunately, I am struggling to actually find any fucks to give. I've emotionally distanced myself from her and that's for my own sake. Because if I let it affect me, my emotions will rise like a tempest and my aunt will bear its full force.

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