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(Outlet) Emotions hit me hard this morning. Let's channel them into something good.

Talking to my Ukrainian friend about the war in Ukraine triggered some pretty strong emotions just now. I worry about him a lot, and it sort of drives home the reality of war for Ukrainians hearing about how there are literally air-raid alerts there. Like some World War II blitz-level shit, but happening now, in 2023, after humanity already went through that and vowed never again to let it happen.

Ukraine is so close to home, both geographically and, honestly, culturally (Europeans) that it hits even harder as reality when you realise genocide is taking place in EUROPE perpetrated by the russians.

To say that I support Ukraine is an understatement. I have never been so passionately devoted to a cause in my entire life. Ukraine resounds with me as a symbol of hope when the world can appear so dark and hopeless.

If there is one thing I can do with this unrelenting rage and emotional turmoil, thinking about how Ukraine suffers in this war, it is to channel it towards making positive change. Fighting paid trolls and misinformation online by flagging comments, replying with evidence-based sources and facts refuting common talking points used by the russians to weaken support for Ukraine in western countries, donating to Ukrainian charities, spreading the word and making sure people around me never forget the reality of war in Ukraine.

Regardless of spirituality, the words are strong: with God as my witness I will support Ukraine with everything I can do for as long as it takes and beyond. I will make change happen, however small, I will do it.

I'm considering starting an investigative series / documentary following online comments and trends, likely initiated by russian misinformation campaigns using online bots or troll accounts. It's interesting to expose it, and in doing so, I can spend some of the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week I have, systematically fighting them, one comment at a time.

Don't think that's not important. This is information war. I am at the end of my ability to sit back and "accept" western-owned services like YouTube being used as a platform for spreading russian hatred, lies and terrorism.

Fuck the kremlin.

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