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People. This again?

A while back I posted a small rant, or a collection of thoughts on what I think of people. Because I can't be bothered to go find that, I'm sure you can look through my blog, or you could not do that: either way, I don't care.

A few months ago I began talking to someone on Discord, and it initially resulted in me blocking them. They then requested that I unblock them so we could talk again. In all honesty, I do not really 'get along' with this person. Our personalities seem to clash, but perhaps it's more to do with the fact that I'm so Lost these days I just can't form friendships.

This time, they blocked me.

I have no requirement to justify my actions on my blog, but an interesting thought, nonetheless, is the more I seem to escape the confines of my repressed social life through years of anxiety and bullying; the more grating I seem to be on other people.

Either way, it's of no consequence and I feel nothing for the loss of this person's text-based company, even if they did have some interesting tech-related things to say.

Ultimately, Sash continues being Sash, and that means Sash continues to have no friends.

It is what it is.

Can you believe that? I even got out of bed, started my PC to type this. Maybe it does affect me, maybe I do feel the need to justify myself on my blog? Maybe.

Regardless, in an ocean of unknown variables there continues to be a single constant: People confuse and terrify me.

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