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Random Warframe Videos: There's so many Random Warframe Videos. Here's two more.

I just love making these Random Warframe Videos. So here's two more. In the first one, I am using Hildryn, with Gauss's new guns, they are really cool honestly.


In the second video, I am using Wisp for the second time, actually I used her only once before but for a very short time. I shall call her Miss Floaty McFloatington.

Note: At the time of posting this, the video is still processing and is displayed in 360p. In a few hours (or a day?) it will be 4K 60. But since no one reads my blog, when the person comes to read this post, in 87 years, it will likely have processed fully, or the World will have been plunged into Nuclear Armageddon and YouTube won't exist anymore. (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

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