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(Reddit is Cancer) Emotions may be high, but do not forsake your humanity.

Updated: Apr 25, 2023


Read the category in the brackets. I won't make a specific category on my posts & articles section for this cancer, but I will do one in passing. I was sent a link by a friend who is following the Invasion of Ukraine more closely than I, but I have decided to not watch the video, after reading some of the first comments visible under it. I'll be up front and get the screencap out of the way (and no, I am not censoring usernames, because Reddit is public and you have no expectation of username anonymity on it. I stopped censoring usernames after I stopped giving a fuck about courtesy for people like this.

For reference, my user name is [REDACTED]

For reference, the video must include a highly graphic scene of a Russian tank being destroyed with Russian soldiers being violently killed.

Let me first start by saying, I know emotions are running high and people despise the aggressors. I do, too. I have been very vocal about how much I despise the man responsible for this, and his regime. However, I stop short of actually glorifying the deaths of human beings and admitting to 'enjoying' watching a human being, being destroyed in a gruesome and graphic manner, just as I would hate to watch the same happen to innocent Ukrainians killed by war criminals. I may not feel as much emotional pain for Russian soldiers but I still feel pain for watching humans suffer and die, especially since many of these Russian soldiers were actually lied to, misled and themselves, barely older than kids. They are cannon fodder for a disgusting asshole in the Kremlin and his anti-humanity regime.

Of course, trust Reddit to put emotions before logic and even humanity, and glorify these videos. War is fucking hell and enjoying this shit is something I would be concerned about, since that is often were sadism starts and these people might be a danger to society in the future.

I absolutely, completely justify the use of lethal force against Russian soldiers invading Ukraine, in the defence of Ukraine, its sovereignty as a nation, and its people and their freedom as long as it is within compliance of the Geneva Convention. I absolutely one-hundred percent justify it, it is war, but that doesn't mean I enjoy watching it, or enjoy the idea that Russian soldiers are dying. It also doesn't mean I WANT it to happen, because I don't. Russian soldiers are human and they DO NOT need to die because of Putin's ego.
If you give up your humanity then there is nothing worth fighting for anymore, you become the very thing you are fighting against.

The Russophobic comment there, implying that the ordinary citizens of Russia should suffer, even implying that the poster revels in the idea that they do, is disgusting to the point where I'd be concerned it will progress into nazism - ironically the very thing that was the basis for Putin's unjustified invasion in the first place.

I have made it extremely clear about my viewpoints on Russian people, and how they are separate from their tyrant government, and how their culture and nation is separate. Even those that have pro-Putin views are just parroting the effectiveness of the Russian state propaganda machine.

Education and freedom of knowledge and truth is a weapon many times mightier than the sword. You can't shoot an idea, but you can show people the truth.

Even the user at the end of the thread hints at education, yet falls short and embraces violence as if it is some kind of solution, not a means to an end. With people like this, that end will simply be more violence and suffering.

Faith in humanity has been lowered by at least 100 points.

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