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[Role Play]Dear Diary (Coron, 4040 A.D)



[23 Mayas - 1802 F.D.S/4040 A.D]



Dear Diary, it is the first of Marus today. The sunrise this morning was beautiful, Corona's star makes a stunning vista across the lava fields. I remember what my mother told me when she said we were moving to Coron, that it was a truly remarkable place to see for yourself. I only appreciated that this morning, as the sun came up and cast this redish hue over the horizon. This place is truly beautiful, but it does little to ease my thoughts about my Pa.

His ship was deployed to Lorentis last cycle, to the front-line. I always see on the news broadcast here that our armed forces are fighting valiantly and we will win this war, but each day that passes more and more bad news comes from Tempest. I worry for my Pa. I hope he will be okay.


Dear Diary. I heard on the news this morning that the Navy has deployed a new weapon in the war effort. They didn't say what it was, they only broadcast a statement from President Rennford. He said our brave men and women continue to fight for us and that this new weapon will turn the war around. Maybe my Pa can come home soon. Aunt says everything will be okay, and I just have to focus on school, but I can't help but worry after I heard the news about mother. I will make her and my Pa proud after I get my Navy fighter certification, one day I hope to be able to pilot a real Super Avenger.


Dear Diary. Today's news broadcast didn't arrive. When my Aunt turned the ranger on, there was no signal. She says the ranger is playing up recently and some of the signals are not coming through, but I worry that it is more than just a faulty receiver. My friends from the cadets told me their recievers didn't hear anything this morning either.

I hope my Pa is okay. At least his ship is a big cruiser, a Vengeance class. I even saw it once, when he took me to see it on his leave. It was huge! It must have been a kilometre long or maybe more. I hope he will be safe. Just come home to me, Pa. I miss you badly.


Dear Diary. Something bad has happened and my Aunt says we have to leave our city. Like yesterday we had no news on the ranger, but then an emergency broadcast came through on the civil news channel. My hands are shaking as I type this into my diary log. I didn't hear the full broadcast but my Aunt says they are evacuating the city and we might have to go off-world again. I have to pack my things but I wanted to type this. I think my Aunt is calling me now, and I can hear engines from outside and there is a bright light. Diary, I am scared. What is happening. I have to go now my Aunt says th [CORRUPTION DETECTED]





I found my diary. I found it, and I can type into it again. I am so scared, Aunt is gone and the city is on fire. I only remember her grabbing my hand and telling me there is no time to pack my belongings, and that we had to go. I saw bright lights and roaring engines from the sky, a space craft was so low over our district I could make out the viewports. All I remember is my Aunt telling me we are going to be okay and that the Navy was evacuating the city. The next thing I remember is a huge flash that made my eyes water and hurt, I still see the flashes in my vision now. Then I could smell something like I have never smelled before, it was like a burning smell almost.

I think my Aunt is dead. She didn't come back, when I opened my eyes some people were screaming at me, I didn't hear what they were saying. But I don't want to go with them, the sky is on fire and I can see fireballs falling from it, I think they are spaceships. One of them crashed so close to our apartment complex. I can still see the wreckage from here. Diary, what do I do? I am stuck here in my room and I don't know what to do. The screams from earlier have gone quiet and there is a strange taste to the air in here. The gravity generator must have stopped working as everything has slid to one side of the living quarters. I think I will close my eyes and think of my Pa, maybe he will come back and rescue me.


A day has passed Diary, since I last typed into you. I am so alone and scared. No one came last night and I think the complex is falling apart around me. I can hear distant noises that sound like bending metal, I hope the city doesn't fall out of the sky. Earlier this morning I thought I heard engine noises from outside but I think I imagined it, my head is pounding, I think I will try and sleep again.





I don't know how long I can stay here, Diary. I am hungry and tired and the air is warm and bitter like the outside is on fire. The water supply tastes really weird but I had no choice but to drink it. Am I going to die, Diary? Maybe you will come to life and rescue me somehow. Or maybe I am just so upset that my Pa never came back for me. I can hear strange noises outside like a spacecraft is flying overhead but I didn't see anything when I peeked from my window. I couldn't hold my head out long enough because the air burns my face and I can see flashes of coloured light in my vision if I stare too long. But I did see the surface of the planet much closer than before, I think our city has fallen from the sky. But I don't know what difference it makes now that I am going to die. I am really tired, Diary. I don't want to die, I am crying and my tears fall upon you and make you wet.


Someone came for me, Diary, someone came for me! I am so hungry and weak, I can barely move but I can hear them trying to dig through the debris in the lower level. That spacecraft engine is back, too, I think they are here to rescue me. Maybe it's my Pa, maybe he came back for me after all.

I think something is wrong Diary, I heard screaming from the next tower. It sounded like a woman and a baby, a young one. She was shouting and screaming for a minute and then it stopped. I didn't hear the baby after that. But just now I can hear her again and she is saying terrible things, Diary. I am scared. I don't think it is my Pa that came back for me.

They have almost found me. I can hear them coming up the stairwell since the elevators do not work. It sounds like they are breaking open doors on each level, then I hear shouting and screaming and I think I even heard a gunshot. What is going on, Diary, are they going to kill me?

I'm so scared. I'm shaking, the noises are right outside my door. If I stay quiet they might not know I'm here. I can hear metal noises when they walk around, like they are wearing those powered suits that Pa showed me on his cruiser. They talk funny words, I can't understand what they are saying but they sound angry. I think they've found me, there is a bright light an



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