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[Role Play] They Cannot be Trusted with Freedom

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

"It doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel right to take away the freedom and liberty of a trillion people. Nobody can say that they could make a decision with such far-reaching consequencies - not just throughout space but through time. We are writing our future now, and no one can say they could make that decision lightly or without a thought on the very weight of responsibility that lay upon their shoulders, like it does mine.

But I find myself at the precipice of a decision that will change the human race - the Terran race - forever, in our home system of Aquarius and beyond. We are so close to the final tier placed upon the fragile house of cards that our species is; precariously balancing in an uncertain existence.

There is no God that can give guidance, no soul to provide counsel. It is a decision I must make. The chaotic nature of humankind is progenitor of our downfall, the harbinger of our demise - not some romaniticised apocalyptic tale of survival told throughout fiction - but the complete and utter nullification of the human species.

There will be nothing left. And that is why I am making this decision. That is why I am making the decision to activate the Red Sector.

That is why I am protecting them from themselves, because they cannot be trusted with freedom."

- Chairman Vorian Senlas, United Aquarian Systems Joint Presidential Council. 2133 F.D.S (4352 AD)

A Red Sector (FNIA) Vengeance S-Type Command Cruiser arrives in Angel A21-B, acting as the head of the Red Sector Inquistional Fleet for sector compliance. A21-B-A1, a gas giant world, is visible in the distance unde the dim Angel Star.

"Red Sector has been activated. By order of the Chairman of the JPC".

"All UAS Navy assets are to hereby report to RSEC Fleet Command, effectively immediately."

"Each System will be assigned an RSEC Task Force for administration and compliance".

"Local System Governments are to hereby report to RSEC Regional Administration. This order is effective immediately from the highest authority of the JPC itself. All current and future Council meetings are hereby cancelled. Governmental systems are to be integrated into the RSEC Chain of Administration by direct order of the Chairman."

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