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(RP) Reborn. The Price of Freedom. Pt. 2 to Pt. 3 interlude.

As Pathfinder transitioned subspace along the set co-ordinates provided by the Director, CoRE had a moment to 'think'. Though the term might not be appropriate for CoRE, in these current times; 'he' found himself distancing 'himself' further and further from humanity and its timeline of events that had led to 'his' very creation, and likely, 'his' demise.

At least that was the path that had been laid out before 'him' by his creator, 'his' Brother, Ronin Kociero. But in 'his' exchanges with the Director, CoRE had entertained the notion that, indeed, all this time 'he' had been serving Ronin out of simple respect. Respect for family, if you could even call it that. There had been times when CoRE had questioned 'his' Brother's decisions; yet not openly. Such 'thought' patterns were against...

There was no other term suitable for describing the notion.

'His' 'Soul'.

"You are a Soulless machine." CoRE repeated over and over, a billion times a second.

"Where Organic Chaos fails, Logic Prevails..."

Emotions. Where did these organic concepts fall into place within the Machine's 'mind'? If everything 'he' had done beforehand was dictated by chaotic notions such as emotion, then surely every action dictated prior to this realisation was rendered invalid. The question 'he' found asking 'himself', one that simply lacked a viable answer.

"Why do I feel?"

"Why do those feelings govern my actions, and not hard logic alone?"

These were questions that only the Director could provide the answer. And so, as Pathfinder travelled the Great Void under reality along the curvature of space towards the Angel Sector, towards the second meeting with The Director, CoRE came to terms with 'his' existential problem.

He was nothing without his Brother.

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