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(RP) Second Battle of Eridonia (4521 A.D) Order of Battle, ESF/1RRF/Task Force A

Register of the Warships of the Aquarian Imperial Navy taking part in the first phase defence of Eridonia.

Eridonia Sector Fleet

1st Rapid Response Force

Task Force A

Group A

RT-04 By Their Sanction (Flag) (BB)

SP-2209 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2210 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2211 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2212 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2213 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2214 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2215 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2216 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2217 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2218 (Escort) (CCL)

PRG-SP-2209-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2210-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2211-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2212-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2213-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2214-01 (Escort) (CVT) PRG-SP-2215-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2216-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2217-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2218-01 (Escort) (CVT)

Group B

RE-II-07 (Lead) (CB)

HY-2101 (Support (CCC)

RV-091 (SO) (CC)

RV-092 (SO) (CC)

RV-093 (SO) (CC) RV-094 (SO) (CC)

RV-095 (SO) (CC) RV-096 (SO) (CC)

SP-2219 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2220 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2221 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2222 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2223 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2224 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2225 (Escort) (CCL)

SP-2226 (Escort) (CCL)

PRG-SP-2219-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2220-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2221-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2222-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2223-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2224-01 (Escort) (CVT)

PRG-SP-2226-01 (Escort) (CVT)

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