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(RP) Uprising on Helia, Angel Reach, 4492 A.D, Part 2: Sowing the Seeds of Rebellion

As the Universal Compliance Network rollout commenced in the Helian Mega Cities, dissident elements began to establish themselves within local district councils; opposed to what they viewed as an attack on their 'freedoms'. Despite the years of relative security and prosperity brought about by the Aquarian Terran Imperial States' annexation of the Angel Reach, such elements gained sufficient favour in enough district governments within the Helian Mega Cities to open up a network of funding and re-armament of divisions of the old ISAR Helian Military; the seeds of rebellion had been sown.

However, Imperial Secret Service agents had already infiltrated fairly deep into almost all of the district governments planet-side, since the annexation in 4404 A.D; knowledge of the potential for a rebellion was known to the ISS's Population Compliance Department as early as 4490, even before the rollout of the UCN, so it came as no surprise that the somewhat invasive procedure becoming mandatory for the general population would spur the movement into action.

Despite the ISAR rebels gaining support in many districts, these were isolated to the lower tiers of the Mega Cities; mostly where the Imperial influence was weakest due to the populations being somewhat isolated from the external cultural influence of the higher tiers. That said, the Imperial Advisory on Helia had made significant progress in pushing the Imperial States' agenda, even in the very underbelly of the City. As such, only a handful of District governments supported the movement to 'free' Helia of the Imperial Flag, and many who were on the fence quickly declared neutrality when the question of armed uprising was raised - simply because of the sheer apparent futility of such actions given the Imperial Navy presence in orbit, and Helia's relative close proximity to the Aquarian Core Systems.

Many Districts remained relatively pro-ATIS, yet support for the UCN was mixed to negative, something the ISAR rebels were keen to use to their advantage. Increased efforts to gain popularity among other districts was immediately noticed by PCD agents operating in the local governments; many citizens were also keen to come forward to report suspicious behaviour as per the extensive propaganda campaign deployed by the Imperial Advisory, as to gain favour with the new Imperial Government. It was this mixed support that undermined the rebellion at the early stage, as many citizens adopted a more pragmatic view of their futures under ATIS, seeing rebellion as pointless.

The handful of pro-ISAR rebel district governments, largely made up of old-guard senators from pre-ATIS years, or those with hardcore anti-establishment views on the Imperial States', did, however, rally enough support to secure funding for a reasonably large armed militia, which soon began to establish checkpoints throughout the lower tier districts of the Helian Mega Cities.

The ISS PCD was well aware of such rebellious actions, relaying the information to the Imperial Advisory, and by extension, the ATIS Council soon after. Imperial Navy Commanders in orbit, including the Sector General for Helia, S.Gen A. Silen, aboard the Dreadnought By Their Sanction, advised that the Imperial Planetary Forces be deployed immediately to quell the unrest before it gained traction. However, the Directorship intervened directly, forbidding a full-scale use of force, but rather espionage tactics conducted by the ISS PCD agents operating in the lower district tiers.

Ultimately, their actions managed to contain the rebellion to a single district, District H2 on Tier 0, the lowest tier in Helia's capital Mega City of the same name. Keen to avoid a prolonged insurgency, the Directorship of the ATIS council authorised a limited deployment of the IPF to the Helian H2 space-port elevator complex, consisting of a single Heron-class Orbital Dropship and two dozen armoured vehicles including H-2205 'Krustonosec' MBTs and H-2045 'Prizrak' Infantry Fighting Vehicles along with a contingent of hundred-fifty IPF regulars, supported by two IPF Special Forces units equipped with GS-T 'Spider' Gunships, to re-take the seditious district and put down the uprising.

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