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RWV: Nekros Nano Spore Farm (yes I ran out) on Ryzen 5 3400G Integrated Graphics (hosting)

In this video I am farming Nano Spores, because I always run out of these damn things. Ugh. Well, I am using my Living-room PC (Sort of a HTPC but mainly for gaming). I am using an Xbox 360 controller connected to the PC. The Ryzen APUs are pretty awesome as a sort of 'console replacement' PC that I can play Warframe a bit more casually on the sofa, or even stream more demanding games over the LAN with Steam (I haven't tried that yet).

Anyway, the 3400G is in a B450 Motherboard with some DDR4-2400 C14-16-16 RAM, in Dual-Channel (2x8 GB). But wait, that's hardly enough bandwidth for this little SoC that could! So I overclocked the DDR4 to 2933 MHz with timings C16-18-18-39 and 1.38V. And it has been rock solid so far. I know the Integrated Graphics Processor appreciates that extra clock speed and bandwidth, even if I had to loosen the timings up quite a bit to do it.

Anyway, the game is running on Maximum settings except AA which is on 'SMAA (Medium)', and 1920x1080 resolution. However, the in-game render resolution is set to 75%. I can't remember if I had Radeon Image Sharpening enabled for this video, but I don't think I did. I will enable that another time as it does help to make the image look a bit more crisp with the lower render resolution, which obviously improves performance on this somewhat diminutive integrated solution.

Oh, and my system is also hosting the game. So that little quad-core eight-thread Zen/+ CPU has its work cut-out. That also eats bandwidth and there already isn't a whole lot of that to go around - especially with the Vega 11 GPU chowing it down like a hooker on steroids. With that said, I think performance is pretty good considering.

You may find the Frame-rate in the bottom left. I used OBS to record this video using the 3400G's Hardware Encoder - as Relive is still unavailable for use on this iGPU even though I think it might be a bug with the current drivers.

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