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Sash is Positive. Here are some Positive Sash Thoughts.

I have had a very good day. I don't know why, but I have. I feel the need to share some of my positive thoughts, many of which I have learned over my tiny 26 years of being alive on this world, and maybe it can help you. If not, then well, it was only a 10 minutes of your life reading this, it can't be that bad.


I want to start with Happiness. This is a warm, comforting emotion that seems to escape me all too much. And I'm sure anyone, anyone at all, with or without clinical depression, disability or ailment, anyone - can relate to. I want to say something on this subject from the core of my being that I have learned very much over the last 5 or so years.

Happiness is a state of mind. It cannot be purchased, it cannot be forced. It cannot be acquired through any material means on this Earth. Not true happiness. Yes, having lots of money or nice material objects, a lovely car, a huge house can make you feel happy, but that is because, as my mum always says: "money gives you choices. It doesn't give you happiness".

Material possessions give you choices. They can lay down the foundation that happiness can grow on, but they are not essential for achieving it. Happiness, for me, is feeling content with myself and my place on this earth, it's having people around me that love me, and my cats who don't judge me.

I learned to be happy with what I have (and I am very lucky, while I am not well off, I have more than many people do, for that you must never take for granted what you have - you only realise what you have, when you lose it), through sowing the seeds of happiness that came to me from being creative, loving my family and pets, and showing compassion and love.

I purchased expensive PC components on credit, I even had a Ryzen 9 3950X, but it didn't make me happy. Well, it did in a sense, more that it allowed me to enjoy it, but the same feeling of content and happiness, I can get, without spending huge money. Money just builds a solid foundation for the seeds of happiness. Without the seeds, money is nothing, you will not get happiness. You must find the seeds.

Even someone without money, can still have the seeds. And if you sow them just right, achieve that state of mind, you can nurture and grow the seeds into being happy, even without material possessions.


The Purpose of Life

I often wonder what the purpose of life is. Do you ever ask yourself the same question? What are you? What is it you are put on this Earth to do? Well I aksed myself this question a lot, and when I are depressed it is often a very prominent thing in my mind. Well I am here, typing this to you, to tell you that you are amazing.

But before I elaborate on that, let me tell you that, in my eyes, your life has not just one purpose, but two. The first purpose of your life is to survive. I know what it sounds like, all the emotional build up for something that seemed cold and overly scientific? But wait, it's true.

You are a collection of billions of tiny organic cells, the result of millions of years of evolution, from the simplest proteins forming DNA code in single-cell organisms to the first creatures that move under their own power. Millions of years of nature has culminated into you, a walking, talking.... thinking, organic machine. You are truly amazing. Did you know that?

In a universe of chaos and noise, you have come together and you can manipulate the world around you, interpret concepts and understand things in a way that transcends the very chemical reactions and protein interactions that form the underpinnings of what you are.

Nature has equipped you, over millenia, with a will to Survive. To preserve yourself and your species. You are beautiful, you must survive. The universe is a dull and boring place without you. Which leads me to the second purpose.

We human beings like to give purposes and reasons to something like Nature, which doesn't require these concepts in order to exist. For nature, it just "is", but for your complex brain which craves reason and purpose, I will tell you that your purpose on this earth, in this life, is to be happy.

That's it. You are capable of feeling happiness as I said above, and you are capable of spreading that happiness to others around you, and that is your purpose. That seems like a very nice purpose to have. In an existence where we can't categorically state our "purpose" for being alive, a question that will likely elude us forever, we can give ourselves purpose. a Positive one: enjoy your life. You are given a life to live, and you need to make it the best thing ever given to you. You must make it count, because for all we know; you only get one.



I will conclude on a topic that affects me deeply, and it must be mentioned in my Positive thoughts that the biggest vice that grips humanity is this thing called Hate. Hate is a cancer. Hate is a disease that rots you from the inside out. If you embrace hatred, it will consume you and turn you into a husk, a husk that only knows hatred, a husk that brings with it pain and suffering - because Yoda is actually very correct. Hatred only leads to suffering.

Look at the world around you. Everything can be traced back to hatred. Everything. All suffering and pain, if not caused by random psychosis it is caused by barriers of humanity - compassion - love - empathy, being broken down by this cancerous tumour that grows on your very soul.

Hatred can rot a good person into a person that sees another human being, as unworthy of life. Hatred can make good people commit evil and atrocities. Hatred is the bane of our minds and if you really want to be happy, you must rid yourself of it.

Don't hate people that are mean to you. Don't hate bullies. Don't even hate the people that express their own hatred towards others. Don't. Don't let Hatred consume you. I have fallen into this trap so many times. The only outcome of Hatred, is suffering, pain and more hatred, for all parties involved. Trust me.

I know you can't change the world alone. Trust me, I know all too well. But think of it this way: if you rid yourself of hatred, you can say to yourself, "I didn't feed back into the constant cycle of hatred that is dooming our species to eternal pain and suffering".

So instead, show some love, not hatred. Because it is things like love, compassion, caring and kindness that sow the seeds of happiness and cure wounds no matter how old. It is people coming together and bonding that will let you feel content, not hatred.

I hope you could get something from this. I love you, btw. You amazing human being.

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