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Sash Plays Metro Exodus: Sam's Story DLC with Ray Tracing. Part 1

Oh my God. I've been waiting to play this one for ages. I didn't get round to playing it on launch, because I've been sleeping a lot lately. But I've just come back from playing just over an hour of the new DLC for Metro Exodus; Sam's Story, and I am loving it. Metro Exodus is absolutely my favourite non-Multiplayer game of all time. Obviously my favourite "online" game is Warframe.

I'm having a break now for a bit because I'm tired, my squishy organic meat sack can't keep up with my desire to play this game. -_-

Anyway, I'm playing on my main PC (obviously) with the Ryzen 9 3950X (95W PPT as usual) and the RTX 2070 which is "Auto-OC" to around 2 GHz and I have overclocked the GDDR6 memory to 15.2 Gbps for a little extra Bandwidth to feed it. Not that TU106 is really bandwidth limited, but whatever. It's been rock solid so why not?

Performance is playable, but sub 60. In the starting area I had some shakey moments where the frame rate flirted with 30 FPS, but after that it's been pretty stable over 40 FPS. The main thing here is that the game is very smooth at this frame rate and I feel is entirely playable. It also looks absolutely stunning. Cue the "Ha! You bought a 400 USD GPU to play at 1080p 40 FPS!" crowd. Lol. By the way, if that is your thinking I'll let you know that I don't care what you think. :> Anxiety just dictates that I have to type that.

That said, I would have really liked to have seen some Ray-Traced reflections. IDK if all the reflections are Screenspace, but some of them definitely are. In their defence, they do look great, but they still obviously exhibit the screenspace flaw of not actually reflecting objects that are not drawn on screen at the time. Since there's a lot of water in this DLC, at least the opening bit, it's a bit more obvious to me. I assume that if they added RT reflections, the performance would just be abysmal even on an RTX 2080 Ti. But I'd have liked to have seen it, and for future generation video cards with even more DXR performance; it would have been nice.

Anyway, it still looks amazing. Enough babbling, here's the video link.

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