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So what's the deal with Sash's Sister?

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Oh, boy, that's a good question. You may have noticed I made a fair few references to my sister in some previous posts concerning a certain aunt of mine being an asshole to me and my mum, well I thought you - the reader of my blog - would want to know the deal with Sash's Sister.

Let's just say, I have a feeling certain parties may involve other certain parties in order to achieve their little anti-sash circlejerk. So the purpose of this post is to let the world know that my sister, the last time I checked, is an arrogant, narcissistic piece of work that is partially responsible for my crippling social anxiety. This is a trait she shares with my aunt, who despite all the reason and logic in the world, refuses to see how she's at fault.

I guess me and my mum just have crazy asshole sisters. Oh well, doesn't bother me anymore. Aunt and sister are surplus to requirements. You could even say they are irrelevant.

That said, exposing their bullshit to the world and the 'WiDeR fAmIlY' is something that I will take great pleasure in, as it's poetic justice in a sense. But then, I think everyone who actually deals with those two humans (aunt and sister) low-key knows how messed up they are. It's almost certainly why neither of them have any friends, or struggle to maintain friendships.

It's sad really, and I mean this, they are mentally ill and won't ever seek help for it. And I'm supposed to be the one who's got the mental health issues; yet I can run intellectual circles around both of them and that's something that even confidence-deprived Sash can say confidently.

So if you're reading this and your Jimmies are rustling from the description of you I gave in previous posts; perhaps you should have treated me with a bit more respect.

Goes a long way, you know.

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