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(Sash Thought) How do you know when people are brainwashed by a fascist, authoritarian regime?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Oh, I know it's old news. But I don't care. The fact of the matter is, The man is responsible for more human rights abuses, more violations of basic freedoms, than - probably - any other person on Earth right now. Because it's just that large of a scale.

Never forget what his regime does. Never forget, because that's the same path that eventually leads to history repeating itself.

Oh, Sash, did you spend this entire post not even mentioning the name of the country or the name of the dictator? Woops!

Xi Jinping Looks a bit like Winnie The Pooh (I actually don't really see the similarity, but It's my freedom of expression to make a parody of him. Also, looking like Winnie The Pooh isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Regardless, physical consistencies with fictional animated characters aside, this man is truly a tyrant and his government (Chinese Communist Party) is one of the biggest threats human rights and freedoms in the world today, faces. I am not ashamed or scared to put this on my blog (YES I KNOW THERE IS A STRICT RULE ABOUT NO POLITICS OR WORLD EVENTS ON MY BLOG BUT THIS IS NOT ABOUT THAT IT'S ABOUT SOMETHING FAR MORE IMPORTANT. IT'S ABOUT HUMANITY'S LONG TERM PROSPERITY).

Freedom and Democracy for Hong Kong, because the people of Hong Kong want it.

Are you a pro-CCP tool and/or have had your jimmies rustled by this post? See This

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