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(Sash thought) Proof of concept, I am in a park about 50M from my house, typing this.

It is what the title says. I am typing this on my 13" "ultra thin" HP Envy x360 equipped with a Ryzen 5 2500U processor. Yes, the first generation Ryzen mobile part. In its defence, it was a good price and it still a great chip, even if the battery life on this device isn't stellar (it's really not that great honestly). Anyway, I carry an AC (~86wH) battery pack with me at, essentially, all times when I'm using it. Uh, back to the point of the post. This is a proof of concept that I can type blog posts from outside my house. In the outside world. With the fresh air and the green organisms on the floor. Oh, and who could forget the "sentient" hominids walking around stinking up the place with their simian odours.

Maybe I should just stay inside. Maybe it is what is best for me, to be inside. Or perhaps, I can go at an ungodly our and sit here in the dark, typing Autism all by myself, and then get stabbed. Or, stab the person that was going to stab me, because I am wearing a stab vest, and I am so pissed of by criminal scum I would grab his knife and stab him with it. Karma, huh? That's right, criminal scum. I don't tolerate criminal scum in my neighbourhood. And it is my neiighbourhood, so watch your back!

Sash, are you angry? Do you feel okay? As you sit here in this outdoor space, do you feel okay? I think you know the answer to that, metaphorical "self" that often asks me questions we both know the answer too. Yes. I am fine.

And by that, I mean I am not fine. I think it's time we returned to the house. The place of my residence. My fortress. My BUNKER. Yes.

Time to go home. Get some Pepsi. Relax.


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