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(Sash Thoughts) The case of Sash's Delusional, Narcissistic Aunt.

Updated: Jan 21

DISCLAIMER: This is based on real events, with real members of my family but includes no personally identifiable information. I am free to express my thoughts online and it complies with all laws.

To my cousin who thought it was a good idea to report my blog to my provider for "Online Bullying" after I called my aunt (your mother) a "Pathetic Teenager with a stick in her anus"; you should perhaps ask your mum about the hurtful and unacceptable things she called me and my mum in front of Nanny. Your mother is a real piece of work and I'm not silencing my voice on this subject.

As always, it is highly advisable you actually read the post and the evidence provided before knee-jerking off to la-la-angry land! Thanks! <3 (Who am I kidding, though?)

Also: I have forgotten what it was I posted on social media (I posted a lot of harmless crap), but if you would like to provide some evidence to support your claim that I was extremely inappropriate; and likely the basis of your mum's rather serious accusations against me, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks <3

Who am I kidding, you probably don't even read this! Dialogue? Nah. RAGE!

Okay, okay. I'll be serious. Before I start this post, let me make this really, REALLY clear.


I am always open to dialogue with you. It's your choice to throw the tantrum and create the rift in our family!

It's a shame you felt the need to block me (shutting down dialogue), but that is what I have come to expect from people like you - but it doesn't change my open-mindedness! Lol, let's face it, none of you will actually read this post in its entirety, you'll likely skim it and zero-in on bits you think you can exploit to attack me somehow.

Okay, without further a do, the Case of Sash's Delusional Aunt.


"Sash Rants About Unlikable Members of his family" 21/03/2021:

But it's not just about them, but also about how I'm just absolutely done with dealing with people with narcissistic personality disorders. There's at least one on both sides of my family, my sister and my mum's sister, that are simply so broken in their personalities that simply presenting truth to these individuals causes them to explode in a rage of anger and immaturity akin to tossing one's toys from one's pram. I use that analogy because these two individuals behave like toddlers when they are confronted by objective points that contradict their self centred superiority complex where they can do no wrong.

Classic traits of these two individuals include;

  • Extremely short tempered;

  • Unable to accept responsibility for their actions;

  • Arrogant and narcissistic, massively overstating their own worth;

  • Highly volatile and impulsive.

In the first case, my mother and my sister promised to have an open and honest relationship with each other. But I knew all along that my mother was simply appeasing my sister for fear of her reaction, often physically violent. I even told her that, eventually, mother took steps to address issues with their relationship that involved confronting my sister on subjects that she didn't like. An open relationship requires honest and open dialogue, yes?

Well that's the idea at least. Of course, my sister and her warped view on life where she can do no wrong, exploded into a rage so powerful that it is still felt nearly a year later. They went from this façade of loving daughter and mother relationship where my mum would keep her happy by telling her everything she wanted to hear, and never criticising her even on topics where my sister was very much objectively in the wrong, to my sister literally telling my mother she never wants to see her again, and here we are, a year later, and she's still essentially holding that grudge.

My mother was in tears for days. It broke my heart to see her like that. You might ask "well, your mother must have been really nasty to her?" Yes? Not quite, I won't share details here but my mother simply told her she had an issue with (extremely deep and long seated family issues caused by my abusive sister) her and didn't want her to come over for her birthday. Of course, the moment my mother tells my sister about her actual feelings, sister explodes and abuses her verbally, states she is returning all the birthday gifts and that she never wants to see my mother again, after blocking her on all forms of communication... Despite some cold exchanges, that remains to this day.

Overreacting perhaps? I think so, but this is a classic trait of narcissistic people that believe they can do no wrong. Arrogance is a trait I have been known for, and I actively try to encourage dialogue now to always be open to other people's points of view.

I spoke about my sister because her personality disorder is similar in nature to my Aunt (mum's sister), and the reaction was so largely similar that I almost found it comical predicting my Aunt's behaviour in response to my criticism.

In fact, I was actually somewhat disappointed by her blunt, as hominem response (after a day), without addressing a single one of the points I raised. She then, like my sister did to my mum, blocked me without any notice, preventing me from replying. I did, eventually reply, over SMS, and her reply was largely the same.

It's interesting to note that the spaces in her first reply (more than one engagement of space bar) could indicate she revised this message several times before sending it, yet still sent the immature, overly aggressive and hominem whereby she essentially tells me I'm irrelevant - in a subject that involves my mother and grandmother.

I wasn't particularly angry because I knew exactly how she would react, but I suppose I did have a shred of hope that she would take up my offer on dialogue. Oh well. Maybe she will take my advice and get anger management therapy, because I think would improve everyone's lives.

Regarding my original message, I was told by my cousin that my wording was "confrontational" and something to the nature of implying that my aunt wasn't in the wrong for reacting the way she did. Though I expect subconscious bias in any attempt to analyse the situation, given the mother/child relationship status of my cousin and aunt.

Overall, this is a nice example of why I do not like people, and indeed somewhat unironically, why I avoided my family for so long; due to social anxiety that I believed was unhelpful.

Yet it was this behaviour that I feared. That said, I feel a lot stronger than I did before, knowing that I stood up to this individual for the first time, laid down some cold hard truth, and rustled her jimmies like nothing else ever had. :3

"My aunt crossed the line in such a way that has filled me with rage. This post is how I cope with it" 01/04/2021:


This post is about Sash's family Bullshit, and is not relevant to anything else. My blog is my outlet, so it ends up here. Thank you for understanding.

This post will serve as my emotional outlet and also as a rebuttal to the human being, once considered my aunt, since she has felt inclined to block all forms of communication with me despite my attempts at dialogue, and civil manner in entirety.

The perspective in this post is, of course, my own, and without context and prior knowledge of background events pertaining to the broken, dysfunctional mess that is my extended family, it would be difficult for one to make an accurate, unbiased assessment. However, from one internet stranger to another, allow me to stress that I have been passive and submissive my entire life and I know that my position in situations mentioned here is defensible.

I would also like to state that I deal with emotional situations with other human beings, including my own family of whom years of social anxiety have isolated me, by using logic and reason, breaking down the situation into a compartmentalised view and addressing each section individually. This is because I have neither the innate 'knowledge' of the intricacies of human social interaction, nor the desire to learn it.

My family is now experiencing a major issue that was caused by me sending a text to my Aunt with legitimate concern and criticism over her handling of the situation regarding my Nan's care.

Well, perhaps it is more accurate to state that this major issue has been caused by my former Aunt's handling of the situation, which culminated in a knee-jerk, somewhat ad hominem attack on the credibility of my opinion, despite the fact that elements of the points I raised in the text were based on observations and first-hand accounts from two parties, one of which is the person at the centre of it all, who I won't n