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(Sashdate) I Love MaikRak <3

I needed to make a post on this. Maik is one of the few people who I've met online and been able to say "They are my true friend", and I don't mean the term used by social media these days, or one of the 27 different people you "know" but lost the meaning of what a "friend" actually is.

No, Maik is a special person. Not just to me, but in absolute terms, too. I've 'met' (encountered is probably a better term) a lot of people online in my ~15 years of being online (I'm 28), and I can confidently say that only a very small amount of those people have been able to tolerate me and offer me true friendship. Now, I say that with respect to others that I have pushed away in the past, who may have been great people but just couldn't tolerate the Sash.

As I make it quite clear on my website and other mediums, I am not easy to be friends with. I have myriad issues, mostly relate to emotional instability and personality disorders, even going so far as to include delusions in some cases. There are many reasons why I am like this, and I am getting private therapy for it now, but I blame abuse as a child mostly at school and by my sister, and as an adult, for causing this hidden hatred/anger issue that I have. My therapist called the concept "rubber banding"; where I have trapped anger for something traumatic in the past, and sometimes my brain will "Rubber band" to it and trigger those emotions in situations that don't warrant them.

Anyway, I just wanted to Maik Maik a post (He'll get it :D) dedicated to him as someone who literally restored my faith in humanity just by being here on Earth with me. I haven't even met Maik in real life, but I've seen him and spoken to him (he's charming, though very shy) and I hope that we can be friends forever... and I just wanted to say thanks Maik, thanks for showing me that humans are OK and being my friend and supporting me through all my mental health issues. I will never forget what you've done for me, ever.

I made a tribute video to Maik in Warframe, since this is the game where we first encountered each other. :3

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