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(Sashdate) RTX 3050?! CRIPPLED GA106 and I was going to type something but I go to bed now.

The lands of Warm Cushy Pillows and Blankets beckons me. I must be absorbed into their embrace and enter the land of Sleepytime. However, I will make time to type this post really quickly. I was going to go into some details about this latest Sash Thing (new category maybe? Actually, I think we have enough random autism categories). But I am too tired to type that now, as you can probably guess from the fact that I started that sentence with "but". Anyway, I have an RTX 3050 that I got for £239.99, yes, that is MSRP and I am very pleased with it. I have played Dying Light 2 so far, and a bit of Warhammer Vermintide 2. It does well in both, but details coming later. For now, I will leave you (the 2 people who randomly stumble on this post) with these two videos.

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