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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Remember to read this. You think I'm making this shit up?

I'm not.

My mood is all over the place.

To the people in the DC server I just left: I'm angry at you, really, fucking angry, but I don't know why. You did nothing wrong. I was trying to make a joke but it escalated when you said I was the reason you didn't type in the server anymore.

I felt hurt, I don't know why. I am a fucking Retard and I don't know why. I just went apeshit. This happens from time to time. It's why I have no friends in real life, very very few online, and only one that actually manages to cope with me more or less as a friend. Well, two, but I don't speak to the other one because he's ALWAYS AT WORK. You know who you are you little bitch-ass punk.

Also, there is the other friend from school, who I don't talk to much these days, sorry about that. Forum is still open for RP. Please don't hate me.

I'm better off ALONE.

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