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Family harmony lol

This roughly translates to "everyone kisses her ass because they're afraid of her reaction". It still bothers me, to this day; how I, Ashley Webb, was treated by my aunt. I'm fairly confident the cow is still reading my blog, trying to get triggered by anything I type. Well, shit. Sucks to be you, cow, because I can type about anything I want within the scope of the law including the GDPR that your daughter (s) tried to use to get my blog taken down. I don't think you have any other straws to grasp at, lol.

But I'm sure my Aunt will find some more straws, at the very bottom of the barrel.

Such is life, I guess. I'm typing this because I'm just trying to vent the frustration and anger I have against this disgusting human being. I mean, all you have to do is Google her name and you end up with articles on medical negligence and how someone died because of it which she was in charge.

Lol, and she's worried my blog makes her look bad? Ooof! Anyway, I'll continue to host the truth about how I (and my mum) was treated by her and make sure it's available to the wider family to see at all times.

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