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The only thing I hate more than shills, is Hypocrits. And they're often interchangable.

Anandtech unfortunately has an issue with a couple of users who frequent essentially every AMD article posting anti-AMD misinformation, which is so blatantly incorrect it's infuriating.

Whilst there are some pretty knowledgable posters and decent discussion here, I am pretty disgusted in all honesty. This 'timecop1818' user is without reasonable doubt, a paid shill or somehow financially invested. That, or they are a delusional fanboy with severe insecurity caused by buyer's remorse of an overpriced Intel CPU.

Well, timecop1818, I hope you get a decent amount of money per post, so you can save up to buy your Ryzen 9 3950X; because I like to think even shills have some brain cells. :)

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