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Smashley Plays F4 Vanilla, with CC and Survival, Settlement Defence. Part 6. (2600X+590)

Settlement defence is one of the Creation Club mod/DLCs I have. It's pretty cool and lets you build your settlement's defences, and then have waves of mobs spawn and attack it. It's also completely broken with regards to XP and Loot farming, but hey, if Bethesda OK'd this for the CC, I guess they're happy with that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To be fair, it is really fun. It's a sandboxy type addition to the game and adds quite a bit more enjoyment in my opinion.

Anyway, in this video I have completely re-made my primary base at Oberland Station and installed a complex defence system to farm, I mean defend against the hostiles of the Commonwealth, whoever - or whatever - might try to attack me.

I'm playing on the Ryzen 5 2600X and RX 590 system again, this is a very CPU-heavy test, but the 2600X does fantastically well, even allowing the game to be GPU-bound in some of the fight scenes - and the poor RX 590 tries hard to render those fraaaames. :3

I just want to point out again, that my 2600X is in cTDP = 65W mode, that I have configured in the BIOS manually. That is for perf/watt reasons to cut off the more aggressive all-core boost on the CPU during World Community Grid. In most bursty lightly-threaded workloads it still achieves over 4 GHz, but in Fallout 4 here I was seeing over 50% load across all of its 12 threads. Games can't use more than four cores, right? And this is hardly a shining example of a well-threaded low-level API game (it's Fallout 4 using DX11 jeeese). The 2600X does pretty damn well considering.

Anyway, enough babbling. Here is the link.

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