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Smashleycat plays Metro Exodus with RT on a 2070 and talks like a Retard. Part 1.

Yay! A new retarded gaming video series! This time I'm playing my favourite story game again, Metro Exodus, because I'm hyped for the new DLC with Sam's story that comes soon, so I wanted to play the game again. :3

This video, which is recorded at 60 FPS, using HEVC for compression @ 16 Mbps. You can also download the video file from the OneDrive link if you want to view it in full quality! OneDrive will butcher the quality pretty badly.

In this video, I am talking with my voice morpher software because I like it, and I don't care if you don't like it, because no one is forcing you to watch it. :D

The RTX 2070 is overclocked to around 2 GHz and the memory to 15.2 Gbps. That is 486 GB/s of Memory Bandwidth, by the way. Memory Bandwidth!

The last time I played this was in my Immersive Metro Exodus playthrough, which by the way, is fully uploaded on my OneDrive and re-encoded to HEVC for your viewing pleasure. You can view that here.

Anyway, that was on my RTX 2060 SUPER, which I really liked. Then I had a Radeon Phase, then I got annoyed by the unstable Navi drivers, then I went back to NVidia, but I already sold the RTX 2060 SUPER, long story short i bought the exact same model of RTX 2070 (ASUS Dual-EVO) for less than I bought the 2060 SUPER! And I love this card. Hooray I have Ray Tracing again, and the fully-enabled TU106 GPU, nonetheless.

Oh, I also suspended all SCIENCE! Processing on my Ryzen 9 3950X for this video, because apparently Metro Exodus wasn't coded by chimps with typewriters and this game can put reasonable load on all 16 cores (and some of their SMT threads)!

Anyway, enough babbling. Here's the viewing link. Meow!

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