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(Testing) Athlon 3000G (Dali) in Warframe, with some overclocking, too!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

If you read this post, you might have wondered if I was ever going to do test the tiny baby processor known to AMD as 'Dali'; this is a ~150mm2 piece of silicon built on Global Foundries' 14nm process (14LPP/C) just like Summit Ridge, Ryzen 1000 series, but was released in 2018 (I think?) for embedded devices and found its way to the AM4 desktop with the Athlon 3000G in 2019-2020. Unlike the existing, and identically configured Athlon 200G/E series - which are based on Raven Ridge dies (4c/8t/11cu) with large amounts of disabled silicon, the 3000G is a fully enabled Dali chip, which makes it really awesome and cool, and I obviously had to have one. I tested it a lot, but just never videoed it, until now!

So, here's the video of me playing around with the Athlon 3000G in my favourite game, Warframe, and messing with a bit of overclocking too.

I found that 1280x720, low or medium-low custom settings is best for this processor. I used the enhanced (deferred) rendering engine, too, because it's awesome and I wanted to use it. So you could get even more frames per second at the same "preset" if you use the less demanding "classic" renderer.

(Might need to wait for it to finish processing;)

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