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TR 2950X in Warframe HoD Isolation Vault - Uncapped FPS. Oh and an update from Sash (RX 6000!)

So I haven't made many posts for, like, the last week. Sorry about that. I have had a bad headache. So much has happened of course, with AMD's RX 6000 announcement and Oh My God Radeon has Ultimate Performance, and Sash wished for that last year. :D

So, uh, I will make a post on that soon(ish). Because I do have a bit to say on it. But first, here's a video on my OneDrive (because I am listening to Amazon Music, deal with it), of me playing Warframe, Heart of Deimos, with the Frame Rate uncapped.

But remember, that when judging a CPU for its gaming merit;

Playability Doesn't Matter!

Yes, this is sarcasm, and here's the video link.

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