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Trying out the Ryzen 5 3400G: Part 3, Metro 2033 Redux at 720p almost max settings (Intro level).

Continuing testing the Ryzen 5 3400G "processor with graphics", I decided to play Metro 2033 Redux, a highly graphically intensive game even to this day. I am playing it at 1280x720, and almost maximum detail settings. You can see in the video for the exact settings I am using.

For this video, I actually managed to overclock the system's RAM to 3000 MHz, with timings of 16-17-17-36, from the rated speed of 2400 MHz, at 14-16-16-31. I could possibly tighten up the timings, but I figured bandwidth was the most important thing right now (even though tighter timings can also help with GPU bandwidth), and decided to play it safe. Maybe I will try and tweak them a bit later. Anyway, I've gamed a bit on the 3400G with the 3000 MHz RAM and it seems stable.

The CPU cores are all locked to 3.7 GHz, manually. I did this to disable socket power limit of 65W, but didn't want to push the CPU too far. There may be a way to do this with Precision Boost (which is exposed in my Motherboard's bios for this processor, interestingly), but for now I used a manual multiplier setting to essentially allow the processor to draw as much power as it needs (mainly for the GPU).

Here's the video of Metro 2033 Redux on the Ryzen 5 3400G.

CPU temperature, and GPU utilisation, are missing from the On-Screen Display in this video. That is because I am using MSI Afterburner plugged into RTSS, instead of my usual method of using HardwareInfo64, and Afterburner apparently doesn't recognise this processor fully yet and those readings are missing or displaying eroneous numbers. That "derping" I mentioned in a previous post was actually to do with HWINFO64, and RTSS, not RTSS itself, or MSI Afterburner.

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