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(Update). I think it's about time I made this post, because this is quite a large update for Sash.

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

So, here is a post for my blog. I know I haven't posted a lot of stuff in recent days, except for a few bits, but you know my blog is essentially my "Outlet", right? I don't post stuff or content for anyone but me, and when I feel like it. My website/blog has no ads and I do not make a single penny from its existence - all fees are paid for myself privately out of my own pocket and this is the way my website will remain forever. I wanted to put that here because it's important to note.

Which brings Sash to the important point of this update post. I am unsure if I am able to adequately construct sentences to my liking to describe the point I want to make, but I suppose I will try anyway.

The simple way of saying this, is Sash is in Love. Yeah, that "love" thing that creatures experience when they are driven by their base instincts to procreate and further the survival of the species. The instinct of attachment and bonding to another member of their species, likely evolved entirely out of forming the relationships required for procreation and the aforementioned goal of continuing the species. If you had asked Sash a year ago, about the meaning of this "love", Sash would have scoffed and looked down upon it and said something akin to what I have just posted here.

Of course, being a human being, Sash was inevitably prone to such base, chemical instincts as any other member of the species, regardless of how much society had driven Sash to thinking that she was an outcast, that she was unlovable or perhaps, alien. Other humans filled me with confusion and oftentimes, anger. I made many points here on my blog detailing these events and my slowly developing disdain for humanity into something that one could slowly begin to describe as a form of misanthropy.

Yet here I am, typing this post on my blog. I am typing this not because I am excited about a new technology, or a new processor architecture. No, it's far more personal, and far more organic than that. I'm typing this because I have met someone, another human being, someone that has truly shown me what Love really means. And I find the notion completely terrifying yet at the same time, so heart-warmingly beautiful and awesome that I am quite simply, in awe of how this came to be.

From a third-person perspective, the 'blinded by love' expression is relatable, and Sash might think "I'd never be blinded by love" (in this sense blinded to most things that usually revolve around the epicentre of the Sash-Brain). But when Sash was actually overcome herself, with this chemical-based, electronic nerve-impulse-fuelled drive to implode into a super-condensed ball of affection for the man of my dreams, well.

This is what you get.

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