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(upmeme) Sash overclocked his 5800X and Memory (oof?) and also listed the main PC spec on rigs page.

I literally used every single character allowed in the title! Getting my money's worth.

Uh, yeah. So I need to go downstairs and I also need to pee, so this will be brief. 4.7 all core 1.24V seems solid so far and 3600 MHz 14-14-14-31 / 480 tRFC / 64 tRC / GDM on 1.48V memory, 1.1V SoC, FCLK:MCLK 1:1 so the FCLK is 1800 MHz.

It's pretty sweet having the


To play around with. How are you feeling, Luke, did you calm down? Are you okay?


Anyway here's that AIDA64 thing that you show when you push a few buttons in the firmware and then flex to other retards online, etc, etc blah blah. (I really don't care, but Luke does!)

Intel basically sucks for gaming, if you want the best performance you get AMD Ryzen 5000. Intel's 10th and 11th gen are useless in the latest games where you need the highest FPS. It will only get worse for them, too.

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Been too busy using it to make a post. I sort of neglect my "blog" sometimes, don't I? This is kind of a big deal. Maybe I will make a more detailed post about this rather L A R G E GPU at some point.

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