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What's with "Amiori K." ?

For the two people that read my blog (maybe one), you may have noticed I changed my name on here, and on Twitter to "Amiori K.". This post will kind of explain why I did that.

Firstly, Amiori K. is short for Amiori Kociero, and she is the daughter of the legendary Ronin Kociero, captain of the Pathfinder. The Pathfinder is a equally legendary Armoured-Cruiser class warship that dates back to the very beginning of my Sci-Fi Role-Play universe. It has seen many revisions in actual lego models since the beginning and I remember it very fondly. If I remember correctly, the latest version is Pathfinder MKV, and the design was incorporated into the U.T.N Federal Navy's experimental Endeavour Series-MKX Battlecruiser that was being deployed right before the Fall of the UTN in 4,040 AD.

I really should make a ship profile for that, but here's a picture I edited from a Lego Model built in Lego Digital Designer, imported to Bricklink's and using photorealistic render.

This gives you a good idea of what the Pathfinder MKV would have looked like. Anyway, back to Amirori. After her father's disappearance (and presumed death) in the Radacri Wars leading up to the Fall, Amiori took control of the Pathfinder and her crew of elite Sempiternalis (un-aging, genetically modified super-soldiers) and fought bravely with the remnants of the UTN. In the 6th millenium, Amiori commands the now-ancient Pathfinder, renamed to "Terra Pathfinder" in respect of their heritiage.

The Terra Pathfinder, captained by Amiori Kociero, fight alongside the Terran Loyalist Alliance and hope to one day restore the Federation to its former glory. You may wonder why the (still) 26-year old woman is still alive after more than 2000 years; that is because she is the only known offspring of a Sempiternalis, her father, Ronin, the most famous of the entire Project. Thought to be sterile upon enhancement, Amirori was a miracle child and inhereted many of the traits of the project, including being immune to genetic deterioration caused by aging.

Amiori represents my dream, a strong, independent (forgive the cliché please) woman who stands in the face of time and impossible odds. A true heroine - and she is the character I will follow if I ever get round to doing my new Role Play series. Which is for me, not for people that read my blog - light everything I do here. Please understand that I only choose to publish my stuff because I am proud of the universe I cultivate.

So periodically, when I'm depressed, I'll try to cope with that by pretending to be Amiori. Living in my universe, it's a form of escapism.

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