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Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay Screenshots

I love this game! It's really fun. I enjoyed Far Cry 5, too. So I picked this game up in a sale on the Origin store (which enables the game in the Uplay store, it's game-launcher-ception!). Well worth the £12.99 I paid for it. I think it was 12.99. But I can't remember exactly, but I am very happy with the game. Best of all I can run around in Pink Unicorn Onesy, that makes me very happy, did you know that?

Anyway I took a bunch of screenshots since I think this game looks really great, too. And it runs fantastically well. The textures are fantastic with the HD Texture DLC. And it can eat all 8GB up on my RX 590 at 1440p, and even use all 16GB on the Radeon VII at 4K.

Please be aware these may contain spoilers for the story line.

I was serious about the Unicorn Onesy

Graphics are pretty stunning.

This shovel is always happy to see you

I don't have some weird thing about shovels, honestly.

High quality textures

Far Cry Bad guy (gal)

Look Casual.

Doggo can ride in the side-car! 10/10 Game of the Year.

The lighting effects are really good



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