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Get The Meow, Reddit. Oh, and Twitter, too. Literally, Meow. Update: Disqus too.

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Update: Naughty Language, Ashley. Tut. Tut.

Update 2: This is the result of a Meltdown I had after a post I made to reddit's r/AMD sub was removed because I was "Self-promoting" my website too much. It really damaged my self-confidence again, actually it basically took a huge shat on it.

Links to my free, not-for-profit, personal blog where I type highly relevant content is "Self-promoting". Oh, and "spamming" the sub with "articles".

Sure thing hon, it's clear to me (from other subreddits) that moderators on Reddit are not experienced nor adequate for the role of moderator. The amount of posts being removed because 'mods' disagree with them, is also high.

If you invite any random tool to be a mod, well it creates divided communities with people only reading content that they agree with. Reddit builds hatred.

Uh, that's not why I was mad for this post though. To the moderator who removed my post link; congratulations on pushing me away from Reddit forever.

Perhaps you should learn what the term 'moderator' means before being one. Just a thought.

Original post (minus highly explicit language :D):


Oh, Meow, too. This is a Rant so pull your panties out from the inside of your arsehole. Thanks!

Blah blah blah, Sash is triggered. Blah blah, what-bloody-ever.

I will post my MEOW!, and I'll post aforementioned MEOW! right here on this website called

And you're GOING TO MEOW IT.

Or not. Because I truly don't care. I honestly, don't, I don't do this for you. I do it for me. :D

Update: Disqus is Meow , too. :D

Human interaction and/or opinion: Surplus to Requirements.

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