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(MAIK!!!) Sash's small tribute to a lovely friend.

I feel like I need to make a tribute to someone that I met semi-recently. I honestly feel like we were destined to be friends, we 'connect' on so many things, it feels like I've known him for literally years. One of the things I love about him is his energy, he's more than just 'bubbly' (that is a cliché of course), he's just energetic and excitable and honestly, reminds me of me. I've not met someone quite like that before, and we get on really well.

I could sit here and type compliments all day about this German Boi, but I need to get in the shower because I stink. NATURAL GREASE! YES-YES!

I just wanted it to be known on my blog-type-thing that I really appreciate Maik's friendship and he makes the my world that bit more tolerable just by being in it. So stick this in your low confidence, SMELLY!

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