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NVIDIA Can Eat a Giant Dick with RTX 40 series.

Let me first say I'm not ranting about the tech. I love the tech. I will read about the tech and nerd-out over it. This is about the products. This is about how the RTX 4080 brand is a convulted, overpriced mess. This is about how the RTX 4070 was renamed RTX 4080 12GB so Huang could charge more for it without breaking the 70-series brand more than he already did with the insult that was the 3070 Ti.

This is about how the "cheapest" card in the lineup just announced is $900, or £910 for Rip-off britain. This is about that.

It's also about how the RTX 4060 is probably going to be 8GB and have mediocre gains and cost 350-400 quid and essentially be a 3060 Ti for the same money, same VRAM and some retarded AI-frame generation garbage I don't give a fuck about.

I have literally quit PC building as a hobby. Even my "bargain" RTX 3050 for £240 that I got on a killer MSRP deal during the end of the mining thing, that SEEMS like an amazing value card, is not actually that great value at all. Value in PC gaming is dead and I fucking give up with this hobby.

I have no plans to upgrade my system, I have no need to upgade my system. NVIDIA won't get a penny more from me until they release something that isn't literally daylight robbery.

I don't have high hopes for AMD Radeon 7000 series, either. But I guess we'll wait and see.

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