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Polaris Joins The Wall of History, Legends.

I will try to keep this post short.

For a while now, my RX 590 has been deteriorating. That is, the voltage required for a specific clock speed has been increasing; a classic symptom of silicon degredation.

Today is the day where the card no longer operates reliably at stock. 1545 MHz, the reference clock speed for Radeon RX 590 cards is no longer stable in heavy gaming loads at 1150mV, which is the default voltage for this card. I could raise the voltage, or lower the speed, but the anxiety of further degredation has lead me to retire this legendary GPU to the Wall of History, of Legends.

RX 590, Polaris 30 (Bottom)

The card is not entirely at fault, although XFX's BIOS has always been... flaky. I have pushed this card to some insane power consumption, on liquid cooling, with voltages higher than I am comfortable admitting. I could never get the GPU to reach 1700 MHz, and now that has apparently taken its toll on my Polaris 30 processor.

Rather than let the card die entirely, it willl be immortalised on the Wall of History, on the GCN Legends Section, with R9 280X (Tahiti), R9 380X (Tonga), R9 290X (Hawaii), R9 270X (Pitcairn), and my R9 Fury X's Fiji GPU is forever immortalised in my keyring.

Luckily, the buyer for my RX 5500 XT couldn't finalise the trade, so I ended up not selling the card. Which is a huge relief because now, Navi 14, this humble GPU, will take up position in the footsteps of the Legendary Polaris.

You didn't start life with the same honour, but there is still time.

Navi 14, welcome home.

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