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That is correct. The Eternal GPU lives once again, RAISED from the DEAD by my Graphics Processing NECROMANCY, to once AGAIN RENDER PIXELS.

As I briefly talked about in my weird video that I made last night, this time I went further than ever before with the Jury-Rigged bodge-job Ghetto:tm: edition video card style, and literally cable-tied a 90mm Noctua tower heatsink to the GPU die, using a Graphite Thermal Pad as the interface, since it can be re-used and re-seating (there was a lot of that) wouldn't break the bonding as easily as Thermal Paste.

Anyway, I'm at my nan's, typing on my Chungus Laptop, but I thought I'd just post this because it's awesome. So here you go:

And it works. Quite well, actually. That is indeed duct-tape on the backside of the PCB, to protect the SMDs and traces from the tension of the cable-ties (and general abuse). This card has been thrown around my room, placed on essentially every single shelving unit, inside every single box, sat on every single piece of surface area on every desk, been in every computer and has been dropped at least twice. I have put a Liquid cooler (Kraken G12+H75 or Asetek 570LC) on it, taken it off and re-sat it about 27 times, and I even sawed the stock heatsink in half with a rotary saw to jury-rig the VRM heatsink that you can just about see in the image above.

And it still works, and works quite well. The Noctua Heatsink there struggles with the GPU at full 200W, where it hits 80C pretty quickly, but it handles the GPU 'tuned' down to RX 580 speeds at a little over a volt and 120-130W without much issue, at a cool 60-65C under max load, of course it's also silent. Not bad going for my wacky attempt to air-cool my Polaris, after writing off the stock heatsink with a jury rig gone wrong.

I will definitely be gaming on it.


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24 มี.ค. 2564

It's back!!


22 มี.ค. 2564

Its been on every shelf and in every box... Polaris is a cat : 3

Sasha W.
Sasha W.
23 มี.ค. 2564


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