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(RP) ATIS Directorship's Address to the Aquarian People (4504 A.D.)

The people of Aquarius knew little about the enigmatic Directorship; a shadow behind the ATIS Council, perhaps more of a legend than a reality. That secrecy was maintained by the Directorship itself as just one veil in a series designed to maintain humanity's loyalties without unveiling the true nature of what the Director was.

That was, until the Dawn of the Tyandirric war, and the 100-cycle anniversary of the formation of the Aquarian Terran Imperial States.

With Aquarius on the precipice of a full-scale conflict with an unimaginably huge and unimaginably savage alien species hell-bent on the complete eradication of the Human Species, it became clear that the people needed... someone to rally behind. As such, the time to unite the human spirit in the face of great trials ahead, became clear.

In the Late Cycle of 4504 A.D, the Directorship took it upon itself to address the Aquarian People formally, something that had never previously occurred in 100-cycle long reign of the Imperial States.

People of Aquarius; people of our National Unity; I address you today as the representative of your Government. The turmoil of our transition from the old Federal way of life to the United stance we hold today is jointly shared by each and every one of us, of you. But our journey has been worth it, and it is not yet complete.
I address you now as our National Unity stands on the precipice of a great trial; one greater than we have ever faced before. Many of you know and understand troubled times during our journey so far, but we have prevailed. What is required of each and every one of you now is Unity, Loyalty and Dedication to our single cause - human survival and prosperity, no matter where we exist in space and time.
A threat great enough to challenge our very existence has been identified. This address is to both fore-warn and prepare the People of Aquarius about the challenges that lie ahead. As Director, your Leader, I will not sleep, nor hesitate at any barrier, to guide all of us to our rightful place among the stars, at any cost.
The Imperial Military's great might and dedication to the National Unity acts as a stalwart bastion in the face of this great trial. But you, the people of Aquarius, must do your part. We must all pull together to overcome this trial as one. There will be no more secrecy from the Directorship.
I am, what I am. I am one of you, an Aquarian. I may not share the same physical body that you would recognise, but have no doubt, I am Aquarian, and Our best interest is the only concern I have.
As we go forward into these unknown times, there will be encroachments upon the luxuries many of you have come to expect from Imperial Citizenship. But we must all do our part. Each and every one of us.
The time to prove your loyalty to the Aquarian dream is now.

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