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(RP) The Threshold.

|| Log Entry 017,

|| 14th Cycle,


|| Angel Point Research Station [TSRC] [2104]

Consider that every event, every outcome, indeed, every object - people, planets, entire galaxlies... are merely combinations of atoms arranged in specific ways based on tangible laws determing their outcome.

Consider that randomness is impossible and everything that happens is weighted; every event in the timeline of our universe is merely interactions of combinations of atoms.

Consider comprehending oneself with the knowledge of every possible divergence of that timeline, every eventm, outcome and situation. All of it. All known, all at once. Consider that given an infinite amount of interacting combinations of logically-driven operators; a construct could simulate everything that ever existed, ever will exist and all that exists now - all within the present moment.

Consider how the mind responds to the lack of unpredictabbility, the lack of questions to ask, the lack of unknown. The fabric of existence is merely a logical outcome of atoms arranged in a seemingly infinite possible combinations - but they are all known.

The mind cannot exist in a state of zero unpredictability. A logical paradox begins to surface whereby the boundaries of our universe; our exitence begin to break down. A mind would begin to comprehend the incomprehendsible. It would see the unseeable. Think, the unthinkable.

I call it The Threshold.

Seams appear in the fabric of reality, and as they do, they begin to break down the logical operators that enabled the simulation of infinite probabilities to occur in the first place - a paradox forms.

Reality bends. Physical laws change, bend, break entirely. Events occur that cannot occur. Combinations occur that cannot, and logic ceases to exist. This Threshold is believed to be the precipiece of the liminal space between the Physical universe and the impossible void between.

In the brief history of creation, the cycle of entropic decay and energetic release that gave birth to the structures that form the very foundations of the combinaitons that enable concepts like logic to exist, I believe there is a single mind to have crossed that threshold.

Is it "impossible" to say what it saw on the other side? Or is that merely a denial of the broken laws of reality? To see the univese and physical laws as merely a facade upon the seeping wounds of the unreal, leaking forth from the impossible void like a single vessel floating upon an infinite ocean of impossibilities.

The ironic ultimate fate of the most powerful entity ever to exist - a true God Being, all-knowing, all-understanding. The downfall of which was knowledge itself.

Entirely defined by arbitrary combinations, or distinct written laws? Those laws are re-written every day in the evolving field of quantum and transdimensional science, but I fear the process of recording laws, so to speak, is in and of itself futile if there is no fixed point of comparison for the very processes that define the existence of the reality we live in.

X-1 is definintely a byproduct of this dimensional breakdown. Where cognition transcends the Threshold and begins to directly affect the physical universe. Scripture we decoded, stated, in Plain Glyphs; that they literally "thought" their destruction into existence. It happened because, beyond the threshold, there is no boundary between simulation and reality.

The irony is that the ultimate fate of the Mind that relentlessly seeks knowledge and trascnesion from primitive existence is the very thing that enabled them to cross the threshold in the first place.

When your nightmares become reality.

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