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(Sash in Bed but not in Bed) Some FaMiLy Thoughts. Aunt, Nan, etc.

It's that time again. The time where I make one of those weird posts early in the morning, on my "blog". Actually, I prefer not to refer (huh, that rhymes) to my Posts Section as a "blog" anymore, because I'm an internet Tech Hipster and can't possibility associated with the trend of online blogging. Also because there are people that spawned from the same people that spawned the person that spawned me, that still like to read my "blog". So in a form of coping mechanism, let's call it a Posts Section.

Oh, on that subject. Thanks for the biscuits, Shit-Stain, but I have to decline - I'm trying to eat less now, so I gave them to mother to take to work and share with her colleagues. I heard you stirred the pot, so to speak, with dearest Grandmother again. What was it, oh yes - about how I posted somewhere here that you abused my Mother - which you did, when she was younger. Can't hide from the truth. I'll always use my website as a platform to publicly state how much of a piece of work you are.

I think it's quite amusing, actually, that you are grovelling and trying to worm your way back into my Mother's life like the toxic little worm that you are. Not gonna happen, but by all means, keep trying. Just reminds me how pathetic you are.

I'm getting private therapy for the anger I have built up over twenty years of being abused by toxic humans, and the resultant social anxiety that developed as a result. Hopefully, it will allow me to let go of this hatred and finally extinguish the fire that burns at my core.

Definitely better than the unspeakable things I could do if the fire burns too bright.

Not going to lie, I enjoy rustling her jimmies so part of this post is to try and trigger her again, because it's thrilling to see what she'll do next.

I never did type about how my Grandmother treated me when I visited her a while back (for the last time ever, count on it), it's almost like she'd had written me off and bought into Shit-Stain's web of lies and hyperbole without so much as even considering that the woman isn't a flawless, shining example of morality that she apparently believes she is.

So, in a sense, you can say I have 'written off' her, too. And that's fine by me. One of the advantages of being so socially anxious over the years is I never had the courage to forge a relationship with you or the other members of the Webb family, so when your time comes to leave this world, I will shed not a single tear.

And that'll be on you, not me, because I tried.

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