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Sash is depressed, sad and lonely. Again.

I have no friends, no one really wants to talk to me and those that do, I push them away and everybody hates me. Yay!

Why am I typing this? I don't know. But I just finished watching most of Episode 3 of Season 3 on The Walking Dead and I think I'm going to stop watching it because it's Bullshit and Depressing and WHY THE FUCK did that have to happen you piece of shit arsehole.

Just dreaming now of kicking all their asses with Sash-Grendel-Sama. Ain't no fucking Zombies left. They can't do shit to me. I'd also fuck those arsehole humans up that are just being TOTAL FUCKING DICK HEADS. Yeah. Fuck you.

TWD messed me up. Sash is perfectly emotionally stable. Yes I fucking am.

I also hate people. They confuse me and terrify the shit out of me. So lonely.


You know Nightkin from Fallout New Vegas say that as idle chatter?

Well they do. Because the Stealth Boys mess up their minds after constant use. Just FYI.

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