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Sash is on Twitter and saying things that are Politically Incorrect. Risk to jimmies declared: High.

I went on Twitter and decided to voice some of my more, suppressed opinions, because that seems like the trend to do these days! Especially those that upset people who love to suppress opposition and can't take criticism. If you came to my website, from my Twitter account, looking for ammunition to use against me, feel free to have a look around. You might find something you enjoy and then calm down and unrustle your jimmies.

For the other 2 people that read this, I don't need to justify my opinions here, because I am very confident in them, and my ability to sustain a reasonable argument. :D

Disclaimer: I don't care about Race. I really don't. Touchy subject, yes, but I can't silence my need to express my point of view, and opposition to Freedom of Expression anymore. I even got blocked by someone, you always know when you have dismantled someone's argument before they even start arguing, when they block you. Suppress that opposition! Stalin would be proud.

Don't Tread On Me!

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