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Sash is sitting in a car in a Tesco Car Park at 6:30 AM and it's really cold.

The title basically explains the situation. I am also wearing shorts because all my trousers are in the wash. It is -1C outside. It's cold. Why am I typing this? I don't know. Maybe because I can, that does seem like a good enough reason to me. Mother likes to go early to avoid the hordes of apparently sentient (questionable) up-right simian mammals that populate this planet and often congregate in these Supermarkets to exchange their artificial value tokens for material items and food products.

My fingers are cold, please send help. Send me an RTX 3080 with a generator and I don't know where I was going with that. Regardless, it's now -2C apparently and I am going to freeze to death. It has been nice knowing you, actually, it wasn't nice at all. And I didn't even know you, so I will die alone.

Maybe when someone finds my frozen corpse here with my 1st generation Ryzen mobile processor they will realise that I should have worn gloves. Anyway, I think I will play a game, or at least run some graphics workload on this SoC to warm up the Vega 8 integrated graphics processor and create some thermal energy. That's ironic, isn't it, in this case the processing capability of the GPU is the 'wasted' output (as I will not be gaming while rubbing my hands on the back of the device), and the heat generated is the useful one.


Yes, it is.

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