Sash Mini-Rant: Why Userbench's rating system is dumb.

Please read this first.

Oh my god I can sum this little rant up in like, one or maybe two paragraphs.

Userbench use a rating system that prefers Single-core and quad-core/8 thread performance because that is apparently what they think matters most for "users" - and honestly, I don't really disagree. There is a lot of truth behind that and it would make sense if...

The latest X86 CPUs didn't already have fantastic single-threaded performance. If you compare to ancient CPUs, sure, but Zen1/+ and Zen2 have essentially indistinguishable "web browsing" and "Daily use" experiences. So they're weighting, essentially, the smallest and unnoticable difference when on the flip-side...

... Ryzen CPUs often absolutely crush their Intel counterparts in more heavily threaded workloads, but nobody cares about those right? So in use-cases that use those threads, and the difference is noticable - we don't care. We only care about when the difference is no noticable! Yeah!

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